Field NameDescription
Gene IDPrimary Flybase ID, in the form of FBgn1234567
Gene SymbolCommonly used symbol of the gene
Gene NameFull name of the gene
Secondary IDsIDs that have been made secondary due to ID updates by Flybase
SynonymsOther names/symbols of the gene
Gene ClassClass of the gene
Molecular FunctionGene Ontology molecular function annotation
Biological ProcessGene Ontology biological process annotation
Cellular ComponentGene Ontology cellular component annotation
CG SymbolCG symbol of the gene, in the form of CG1234
Protein Domain Protein domain information retreived from Interpro
Gene expression Gene expression terms from the Flybase controlled vocabulary (CV)
Phenotype Phenotypic class from the Flybase controlled vocabulary (CV); or "manifest in" term

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